Take the whole family to MarinaParken: The perfect family vacation in the Netherlands!

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Travel inspiration
Discover the beauty of the Veluwe in every season
The Veluwe, a gem in the heart of the Netherlands, offers an unforgettable vacation experience throughout all seasons of the year. Whether you're basking in the warm sunshine of summer, admiring the colorful autumn leaves, experiencing the...
Vera Smid 25 March 2024
Travel inspiration
These are the ultimate travel destinations for this spring season!
As the days grow longer and nature awakens from its winter slumber, the season of spring fever begins. Spring is the perfect time to enjoy pleasant temperatures, blooming landscapes, and new...
Vera Smid 12 March 2024
Travel inspiration
Top Tips for Your Easter Weekend Break in Zeeland
Busy making plans for the Easter weekend? In this blog, we'd like to share our tips for a perfect Easter weekend in the enchanting Zeeland.
Linsey Geldof 15 February 2024
Travel inspiration
9 Destinations Ideal for Celebrating Your Spring Break
For those who enjoy spending their vacation in nature, away from the hustle and bustle, we've compiled a list of 9 ideal destinations for celebrating your spring break.
Linsey Geldof 6 February 2024
Travel inspiration
You'll enjoy your vacation best in spring at these destinations
At these destinations, you can best enjoy your vacation in the spring. So if you're looking for a vacation destination for this spring, check out these delightful, sunny regions in the south and get inspired!
Linsey Geldof 1 February 2024
Travel inspiration
Summer vibes: on these European destinations, you're guaranteed plenty of sunshine
Are you already busy planning your summer vacation but haven't decided yet on your vacation destination? We'd love to inspire you in this blog for your summertime getaway!
Linsey Geldof 25 January 2024
Travel inspiration
Top Destinations to Explore in 2024
A new year means it's time to make new vacation plans! Do you have no idea where your vacation will take you this year? Let yourself be inspired by 5 of our favorite destinations for a getaway from the crowds.
Linsey Geldof 17 January 2024
Travel news
The Latest Vacation News for the Winter Season
In this blog, we'll share the latest news from the travel industry for the winter of 23-24 with you!
Linsey Geldof 19 December 2023
Travel stories
Valkenburg: For a Wintery Stay in a Christmas Atmosphere
Our Leisure Time Agent, Karin, visited Valkenburg in December. An unforgettable experience that she's excited to share with you in this blog!
Karin Wolfert 18 December 2023
Travel inspiration
Discover the Magic of Christmas Markets in the Heart of Germany!
Planning a week or a weekend getaway around the Holidays and a true Christmas market enthusiast? In this blog, we'll share 10 magical Christmas markets in the heart of Germany!
Linsey Geldof 13 December 2023
Travel trends
Where will you take your winter nap this year?
With this new trend, you never have to feel guilty about relaxing or sleeping in during your vacation! Sleep is, in fact, the number one priority in the latest trend in tourism! Read more quickly!
Vera Smid 7 December 2023
Travel inspiration
The Vercors: the destination for an active winter vacation in France!
In this blog, we'll share some tips for winter activities in the beautiful natural park Vercors, so you can head to France fully inspired for your winter vacation!
Linsey Geldof 6 December 2023
Travel inspiration
10 European Destinations to Celebrate This Christmas Vacation
From picturesque mountain villages to bustling cities, in this blog, we'll share 10 European destinations where you can have an unforgettable Christmas vacation!
Linsey Geldof 27 November 2023
Leisure Time Tips
3 tips to take your photography skills to the next level this winter!
Surprise yourself by capturing beautiful winter photos using these 3 tips from our editor and photographer Liselotte, and elevate your photography skills to a higher level!
Liselotte Schouten 23 November 2023
Travel inspiration
Booking a winter sports vacation in Austria? This is the place to be!
From majestic mountain landscapes to charming mountain villages and a plethora of activities, here's why Tyrol en Vorarlberg are the perfect destinations for your next winter sports vacation.
Linsey Geldof 22 November 2023
Travel inspiration
Discover the Gems of Germany this Winter!
Germany is one of the most delightful winter vacation destinations. In this blog, we highlight some gems where you will undoubtedly enjoy a delightful vacation this season!
Linsey Geldof 16 November 2023
Travel inspiration
Discover the winter beauty of the Netherlands: Our top five winter destinations
In the Netherlands, the land of expansive beaches, versatile forests, and vast interiors, winter is an enchanting time of the year. In this blog, we'll present you five beautiful winter destinations where you can experience a magical stay!
Linsey Geldof 8 November 2023
Travel inspiration
The finest travel destinations to spend this winter!
Not a fan of cold, dark winter days and looking for a sunny destination to spend this winter? In this blog, we'll take you along to 7 of our favorite places where you can enjoy lovely weather this winter!
Linsey Geldof 1 November 2023
Travel inspiration
10 Tips for a Magical Fall Vacation in the Veluwe
Fall is a magical time of the year, especially in the Veluwe, one of the most beautiful wooded regions in the Netherlands. In this blog, we share 10 vacation tips for a fall vacation in the Veluwe with you!
Linsey Geldof 25 October 2023
Travel inspiration
10 Tips for Your Autumn Vacation in Zeeland
Are you planning to spend your autumn vacation in Zeeland or are you already in Zeeland, looking for a fun day out or activity? We're happy to share 10 tips for a fantastic autumn vacation in Zeeland with you!
Linsey Geldof 18 October 2023
Travel inspiration
Discover the magic of the Costa Blanca: Top activities and hidden gems!
In this blog, we share 5 tips to make your Costa Blanca vacation even more unforgettable! From the hidden gems and the most beautiful coves on the Costa Blanca to the best spots for water sports enthusiasts among us. Keep reading!
Liselotte Schouten 17 October 2023
Travel inspiration
Vacation Resorts to Discover This Fall
Looking for a fun vacation resort in the Netherlands where you can enjoy a week or weekend getaway this autumn vacation? Explore four of our delightful parks for this fall!
Liselotte Schouten 26 September 2023
Travel news
The latest vacation news: Autumn 2023
Read the latest vacation news from the travel industry and discover what's happening in the autumn of 2023.
Linsey Geldof 26 September 2023
Travel inspiration
Go for a hiking vacation in the Drôme this fall!
Visit the Drôme this autumn. In this blog, you'll find everything about a hiking vacation in this beautiful region of France!
Linsey Geldof 26 September 2023
Travel stories
Autumn Vacation in the Ardennes
Read here the travel story of our editor Liselotte, who recently visited the beautiful La-Roche-en-Ardennes in the Belgian Ardennes.
Liselotte Schouten 26 September 2023
Travel inspiration
Destinations You Must Discover This Fall!
Planning to get away this autumn for a short vacation? In this blog, we'd like to share 5 unique destinations that you must discover this fall! From wooded fairy-tale places to rolling hills, you're guaranteed to have a delightful autumn getaway!
Linsey Geldof 26 September 2023
Travel inspiration
Celebrate autumn in Mallorca!
Discover the island of Mallorca this fall, where magic and tranquility come together! Our editor Linsey is excited to tell you why you should pay a visit to this Spanish gem this autumn!
Linsey Geldof 25 September 2023
Travel trends
Back to nature: go off-the-grid!
Celebrate your vacation away from the hustle and in nature? Opt for a back-to-basics stay and choose an off-the-grid vacation! Our editor Vera will tell you all about this emerging travel trend.
Vera Smid 25 September 2023

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