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Haven't found your ideal vacation rental yet? No worries! Our Leisure Time Agents are happy to look for that one accommodation that meets all your wishes! So you can just sit back and enjoy your leisure time!

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Discover the best last-minute deals at Leisure Time!

Are you a travel enthusiast, a true adventurer, or just someone who struggles to decide on a travel destination that ends up making last-minute plans? Then our last-minute getaways are perfect for you! At Leisure Time, you'll find a wide range of delightful vacation spots where you can enjoy a lovely weekend getaway, a midweek escape, or even an extended vacation. Where will your next last-minute adventure take you? Discover it at Leisure Time!

Last-minute getaway with your dog

Are you ready for a last-minute escape? Or perhaps you're eager to enjoy a change of scenery with your faithful four-legged friend? Discover your perfect last-minute vacation with Leisure Time! Here, you'll experience peace, spaciousness, and a different environment, where you and your dog can explore the endless possibilities nature has to offer. Many of our vacation rentals are situated in unique green spaces, along the coast, or in the countryside!

Book a last-minute getaway to the sun

Got a long weekend ahead? Or simply craving some sunshine? Opt for booking a last-minute vacation. Choose one of our sunny destinations and bask in the warmth of a sun-drenched holiday. Whether you're looking for a last-minute weekend getaway, a sunny escape during the dreary winter months, or just a delightful summer vacation, Leisure Time offers the finest last-minute destinations to the sun where you can truly make the most of your leisure time! Consider a last-minute trip to France or head to the Costa Blanca and soak up the Spanish sun!

Embark on a last-minute road trip vacation

Escape your usual surroundings without the hassle of long-distance travel! Opt for a last-minute getaway by renting a cottage or apartment that's just a short drive away. Within a few hours, you'll arrive at your vacation destination, immersing yourself in a completely different environment where you can truly enjoy your leisure time. Plus, with the flexibility of traveling by car, you're free to explore nearby attractions at your own pace. Whether you're dreaming of a cozy seaside retreat, a tranquil rural getaway, or a luxurious vacation home nestled in the woods, Leisure Time offers a wide selection of accommodation options and last-minute deals at holiday parks, ensuring there's something perfect for you. It's time to create unforgettable memories on your well-deserved vacation!

The perfect vacation spots for your last-minute getaway

Looking to rent a vacation rental last minute? Look no further than Leisure Time for the finest vacation spots for your next getaway! Whether you're seeking a cozy retreat for a vacation with your partner or family, or dreaming of discovering that dream villa where you can stay with your entire family, circle of friends, or group, Leisure Time has it all! Easily search and book your perfect vacation rentals in destinations like the Netherlands, France, and Spain. Pack your bags and make the most of your last-minute leisure time!

Relaxing last-minute getaways to unwind

Are you truly in need of a short break to escape from the daily hustle and bustle? With a relaxing last-minute vacation through Leisure Time, you'll find yourself fully rejuvenated, ready to recharge your batteries. Enjoy a change of scenery, serene natural surroundings, and plenty of privacy. What's more, at Leisure Time, you'll discover modern, luxurious, and comfortable vacation spots where every need is met. Whether it's your own sauna at the vacation home, a relaxing bath, or perhaps a private pool, it's all possible! Find your ideal rental for a laid-back last-minute getaway right here at Leisure Time!

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