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Discover the best nature vacations at Leisure Time

What could be better than waking up to a stunning view of untouched nature? Leisure Time offers various types of vacation rentals where you can fully enjoy a holiday in the heart of nature. Choose a detached luxury stay or go completely back-to-basics with a true nature cabin. Thanks to the unique locations of all our vacation spots, you're guaranteed a successful stay. Fully unwind while enjoying the chirping birds, the wind rustling through the trees, or the sound of distant waves! Prefer a bit more adventure? Set out to explore the natural surroundings! Your vacation, your choice!

Celebrate an active vacation in nature

Nature offers endless possibilities for an active or sporty adventure. From your vacation home, you can easily step into the forests, dunes, hills, countryside, or onto the beach. Enjoy delightful hikes and discover all the beauty nature has to offer. Prefer a bit more action? Grab a bike, scooter, or mountain bike and choose a scenic route through various untouched natural areas, or opt for a climbing or water sports adventure! During your next active vacation in nature, anything is possible!

Relax during a stay in nature

Enjoy peace and tranquility during a relaxing vacation in the pristine nature. Here, you can truly get away from it all, unwind, clear your mind, and recharge. Opt for a luxury stay in a detached vacation home for maximum comfort and extra privacy, ensuring that you won't be disturbed during your stay and can enjoy quality time. For ultimate relaxation, easily choose a stay with wellness facilities such as a private sauna or pool. Here, you can forget all your worries, so you return home with renewed, fresh energy after your stay. Can you already picture yourself enjoying this?

Vacation in nature with your dog

There's nothing better than exploring nature together with your beloved four-legged companion. During a stay at one of our vacation spots, you'll find yourself surrounded by nature, allowing you and your dog to fully enjoy the great outdoors. Set out for a morning walk as the sun rises, frolic together on the beach or in the water, or venture into the woods. Need to catch your breath after your adventure? You and your dog can also enjoy optimal relaxation in and around your vacation rental, as many gardens are fully fenced and offer plenty of privacy. This way, not only you but also your faithful companion will happily return home.

Celebrating vacation in a wooded area

Enjoying a vacation amidst nature? Then opt for a vacation rental in the woods! Here, there's something new to discover every day, and you'll enjoy beautiful flora and fauna. Moreover, a wooded vacation is a great choice all year round. In spring, nature blossoms beautifully; in summer, the forests provide you with cooling shade; in autumn, you'll discover the most stunning colorful landscapes, and in winter, you can enjoy delightful forest walks in a true winter wonderland. Consider booking a stay in the Veluwe or Salland region, for example. Here, you'll immerse yourself in a fairytale-like environment that feels like it's straight out of a foreign land! Book your ideal vacation home in nature now!

Enjoy a coastal nature vacation

The coast isn't just an ideal destination for those seeking sun, sea, and sand. It's also perfect for nature lovers, with plenty to discover on and around the water, the beach, and in the dunes. Moreover, at the coast, you can fully enjoy peace and space as there's always a piece of untouched nature to explore. It's perfect if you want to clear your mind, discover a new environment, and recharge your energy. Additionally, since most accommodations are located in close proximity to the beach and dunes, you can easily walk to the sea from your backyard and quickly enjoy the fresh, salty sea air. Ideal, right?

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