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Find the best group vacations for friends and families at Leisure Time

Discover the best vacations for a large company at Leisure Time! We offer a wide range of vacation houses, accommodations for groups, penthouses and villa's that will house large groups. Here you will experience the best vacation with a company of 8, 10 , 12 or more persons. Ideal for a vacation with a large family, group of friends, for a reunion or team outing!

Vacation houses and group accommodations with enough space for everyone

It is nice when there is enough space and privacy for everyone while on vacation with a group of friends, colleagues, or the whole family. Therefore choose a spacious, detached vacation home or villa with sufficient bedrooms and several bathrooms. In this way you will not get in each other's way and you have some peace and quiet for yourself when you want during your vacation. We offer really nice group accommodations and large vacation houses that meet everyone's requirements. It is easy to get together and just as easy to withdraw for a while. Many of our vacation accommodations have a large garden and a nice terrace which make it easy to enjoy the evenings in the open air while having a barbecue or a drink!

Get the best experiences during your group vacation

Your vacation with friends, family, acquaintances or colleagues should not lack group activities. Book the nicest group outings or days out and have the most unforgettable experiences together. Explore the city, get out to discover the surrounding area or nature and look for the nicest places to have a drink or a meal together! Are you having a vacation with your team, colleagues or (sports) club? Then go for team building activities! Are you having a family reunion or attending and celebrating a wedding? It is all possible while having a group vacation at Leisure Time!

Active and adventurous group vacations

What is more fun than going on an active or adventurous outing with friends, family or colleagues while on vacation? Many vacation houses in our range are located on the most beautiful places in nature. From here you will easily go out for a sportive trip or a day out with the whole group. Do you opt for a day of hiking through the hills or mountains, are you looking for the beach for a day of kiting or sailing or would you rather discover the woods on your mountain bike? Challenge each other and compete or split up the group and choose the activities that suit you! You will have the most unforgettable experiences while on group vacation with Leisure Time!

Having a luxurious group vacation

Going on vacation with family or friends in a luxurious setting? You can! We have a wide range of luxurious vacation villas, penthouses, and apartments that are equipped with all the comfort you could wish for. At Leisure Time you will find spacious, detached vacation homes with a private swimming pool, villas with a private sauna and penthouses on a top location with a beautiful roof terrace, and houses situated at the waterside where you can leave your boat. You are the one that chooses the luxury you desire and with a group your stay in a luxurious accoommodation is a lot cheaper because you can split the costs. In this way you will enjoy a lot of comfort for a reasonable price, ideal, isn't it?!

Ideal group accommodations close to home

What could be better than a short travelling time when going on vacation with a large group? It is nice that you don't have a long journey ahead of you when you all drive to your vacation accommodation, wheter you drive alone in your own car or whether you all drive together. That's a good reason to check out a vacation close to home! Leisure Time offers a wide range of vacation houses and group accommodations at the seaside, close to the woods or in the countryside, all within a reasonable driving distance. Here you are always assured of a beautiful environment, unforgettable experiences and you can still get away from it all, while being close to home!

Your group vacation well prepared

An unforgettable group vacation requires a good preparation! Whether you go with friends, family, colleagues or acquaintances, it is good that every one knows what to expect in advance. Once arrived at your destination you will only have to enjoy your vacation, with no worries! So prior to your vacation, it is wise to plan your route, activities, and outings. Make sure that everyone is well informed and make good agreements about money and joint activities. In this way you will all enjoy your vacation to the max!

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